Big Band Reflections Of Cole Porter (CD)

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Release Date: 07/01/12

This recording has it all - a great band, exuberant vocalist and a superb guest artist all performing great tunes arranged in a refreshing and exciting manner. Cole Porter unwittingly provided jazz artists with wonderful material for creative expression in so many forms. His music attracts audiences on multiple levels, and continues to provide musicians and listeners alike with a seemingly infinite number of melodic purposes and possibilities yet to be discovered. In this recording, a talented ensemble pays a fitting tribute to the man and the music.

1.It's Alright With me
2.Love For Sale
3.Night and Day
5.So In Love
6.Ev'rything I Love
7.From This Moment On
8.Two In Love
9.What Is This Thing Called Love

Jack Cooper wrote the charts for this recording over a period of ten years, never losing the basic charm and attraction of Porter's music. His talent and hard work is apparent from the downbeat of the first tune. He has undoubtedly succeeded in his attempt to bring new life to, and instill a modern sense of musicianship in many of Porter¡s heralded works.

Label: Summit Records
Genre: Jazz
Run Time: 40 mins

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