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Bill Emerson - Banjo Man (CD)


Bill Emerson - Banjo Man (CD)

$ 13.99

Release Date: 03/15/94


When I had been playing the banjo for about a year, I went to Nashville, TN to ask Bill Monroe for a job. He was very nice, gave me an audition and took me to the Grand Ole Opry that night. Bill said that he 'needed someone with more experience.' I didn't get the job, but he told me 'you've got a good right hand, keep working at it, you'll make a good Banjo Man.' Featuring Jimmy Gaudreau, Pete Goble, Tom Gray, Emory Lester, Mark Newton, Tony Rice, Wyatt Rice, Mark Schatz, Rickie Simpkins, Ronnie Simpkins, and Larry Stephenson.

Label: Pinecastle Records
Genre: Folk

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