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Black Russian (DVD)


Black Russian (DVD)

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Release Date: 10/23/12

Down here, the Sword is mightier than the Pen...

When Ivan talks, people listen. When Ivan acts, people die!! Black Russian - the story of Nick Anderson, an American gangster turned best-selling author. Coming off the success of his best-selling novel 'Blackberry Brandy,' Nick writes a scathing novel depicting the life of a feared Russian mobster, Ivan the Terrible. In the course of writing and publishing the book, 'Black Russian,' Ivan betrays Nick's trust forcing Nick to retaliate...Nick reveals a dark secret about Ivan...turning Nick's biography into a provocative, and now unauthorized, biography...that threatens to destroy Ivan's world leading down a bloody and insane path of revenge, torture, murder...and all out war!

Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Run Time: 90 mins

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