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Black Water Creek: Legend Of Sasquatch (DVD)


Black Water Creek: Legend Of Sasquatch (DVD)

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Release Date: 07/22/14

Man is the only creature who hunts down and kills his own kind for pleasure, simply to satisfy his bloodlust. The excuses vary, the so called 'justification,' varies, but the truth is simply a desire for bloodshed with no regard or concern for anything but the 'thrill of the kill.' Detectives Shaw and Willis are called to Black Water Creek to investigate a string of serial killings. Someone or something is killing people and driving locals into paranoid delusions with eyewitnesses saying it's a Sasquatch. The detectives know that sometimes there are no answers or motives, just victims and a cold case - but soon they learn that some legends are better left alone.

Label: Reality Entertainmen
Genre: Horror
Run Time: 100 mins

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