Blithe - Verse Chorus Verse (CD)

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Verse Chorus Verse album for sale by Blithe was released Apr 08, 1997 on the Alias label. While other Swedish bands of the mid-to-late '90s sing light, '60s-influenced pop, Blithe is clearly influenced by bands from the American independent guitar rock scene like the Pixies, Superchunk, and Sebadoh. In fact, on Verse Chorus Verse, Blithe come off as what the Pixies might have sounded like if Lou Barlow had become the lead singer after Black Francis left the band. Verse Chorus Verse CD music contains a single disc with 12 songs.

Additional Details

Label: Morphius Records

Genre: Alternative/Punk

Release Date: 01/01/01

UPC: 093716010623

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