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Blunts - Gas Up The Machine (CD)


Blunts - Gas Up The Machine (CD)

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Release Date: 12/01/09

A pacy, energetic collection of tracks, bringing together elements from hardcore, punk and metal!

In 2000 James Hudson stood alone in a Wolverhampton nightclub, watching yet another Blink 182 soundalike, despairing at the state of the live music scene. From out of nowhere appeared a man who introduced himself as E.P. James tried to look at the man's face, but it was hidden by the shadow from the high collar of his white jump suit. The man told James that it was his destiny to bring Rock n Roll back to the people. 'but who will join me in this cause'' asked James, to which the man pointed a heavily jewelled finger at the dancefloor, parting the crowd like the red sea, and leaving only 3 people in view. These people were Bassist Kevan Jones, Guitarist Lee 'The Boy' Morris, and drummer Lee Jones. Thus The Blunts were born.

Genre: Progressive Rock
Run Time: 40:10 mins

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