Bob Geddins - A Blues Legacy (CD)

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A Gifted Talent Spotter

Too nice for his own good, Bob Geddins had another positive trait - tenacity. After any reverse, he would resort to his skills as a TV and radio repairman, musical ambitions merely on hold. He'd then save a little money or find a partner with cash and faith. Born in Hybank, Texas in 1913, Bob's introduction to blues came through an aunt's record collection. Work was hard to find in Texas so he ventured west. Work was as elusive in Los Angeles, so he followed the cotton harvest before returning to LA. He vowed never to pick cotton again. He took a job on a garbage truck and up his first record store. Sometime in 1942 he got himself a job in the Kaiser Shipyards where there was a thriving entertainment scene. Bob started to record musicians on a portable machine and created a studio in a basement. Borrowing money from his father-in-law, in early 1944 he recorded The Rising Star Gospel Singers and the Pilgrim Travelers for his Big Town label. The Stars' What About Me became a local hit. Bob couldn't meet demand, so he got Globe Records to press more. They then distributed it countrywide without telling Bob. In 1946, he met Lowell Fulson. Bob cut two sessions with him. Trouble Blues was a hit. By now he had his own pressing plant so all the proceeds came his way. Encouraged, he set up another label, Cavatone, ensuring initial good business by releasing Fulson's Three O'Clock Blues. But a fresh disaster struck. Trusting others to look after his business, he went on the road to sell. When he returned home, he discovered his bills were unpaid and creditors had seized his masters. Worse, another label acquired many of them and put them on the market as their own. This was a pattern. Bob would spend a lifetime teetering between success and failure. During the course of his life he helped the careers of such as Big Mama Thornton, Jimmy McCracklin, Little Caesar and Joe Hill Louis. These, and many more are featured here.

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Label: JSP Records

Genre: Blues

Release Date: 07/14/09

UPC: 788065712228

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