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GRAMMY FINALIST: 2010 GRAMMY FINALIST for Best Large Jazz Ensemble and Best Instrumental Composition ('Fluffy'/Bob Florence)An extraordinary human being and musical genius with an illustrious life and career, the late, legendary Bob Florence blazed a trail of Respect and Love' where-ever he went; he was indeed made up of all the ingredients that LEGENDS are made of... In this last edition of The Limited Edition, it is all about Bob Florence, the Legendary Bob Florence. All selections arranged by Bob Florence, including four new, original compositions - This is the definitive tribute to the Legend.

Woodwinds:Don Shelton, Kim Richmond, Tom Peterson, Jeff Driskill, Bob Efford, Bob Carr, Rusty Higgins

Trumpets: Carl Saunders, Pete DeSiena, Steve Huffsteter, Ron Stout, Larry Lunetta

Trombones: Alex Iles, Bob McChesney, Scott Whitfield, Dave Ryan, Jacques Voyemant, Craig Ware

Guitar: Larry Koonse

Piano: Alan Broadbent

Bass: Trey Henry

Drums: Peter Erskine

1. Take the 'A' Train(9:06)
2. I'm All Smiles(6:49)
3. Suicide is Painless(7:59)
4. Fluffy(15:06)
5. Geezerhood(5:45)
6. Limited Edition Express(8:28)
7. Luci(7:32)
8. You Music Believe in Spring(7:51)
9. Auld Lang Syne(2:26)

Additional Details

Label: MAMA Records

Genre: Jazz

Run Time: 40 mins

Release Date: 07/01/12

UPC: 734956103729

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