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Bobby Collins - I'm On The Boat (CD)


Bobby Collins - I'm On The Boat (CD)

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Release Date: 03/08/11

Heartfelt humor and stories from a stand up master.

Bobby is a storyteller. His heartfelt humor engages audiences with a hilarious blend of characterizations and spot on observations to which everyone can relate. Unlike many comedians, who rely solely upon the clever use of words and ideas to engage an audience, from the moment Bobby hits the stage, he lassos the crowd and pulls them ever closer to him while they cry from laughter. Even the hardcore 'I usually don't laugh out loud' types, cannot help but surrender to his energy and visual antics targeted directly at tickling their funny bones. It also doesn't hurt that Bobby is more eye candy than Quasimoto. Bobby holds up a mirror to each of us and helps us not to take ourselves so seriously.

Genre: Stand Up Comedy
Run Time: 60 mins

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