Bobby Hebb - That's All I Wanna Know (CD)

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In 2005 Bobby Hebb returned with his first new album in 35 years. Produced in Germany, he had re-recorded his hit: Sunny

by Joe Viglione (Rock Journalist):

This writer remembers Bobby Hebb heading to Germany to record around the week of U.S. President George W. Bush's Iraq war, on or around March 20, 2003. There were thoughts about whether or not Bobby should go during such a tense time. The universe is quite fortunate that he did as the producer team around Rudiger Ladwig superb production work captures the essence of Bobby's extraordinary voice and intuitive approach to the material. The composer/singer of Sunny recorded much, much more than his 1966 debut album and the 1970 release, Love Games. Which, of course, makes his 3rd album release ''That's All I Wanna Know'' so very special. It is truly the singer/songwriter giving an overview of his career as well as being the only full album release from Bobby Hebb at the dawn of the new millennium.

Walking through the lovely town of Rockport, Massachusetts on Cape Ann one summer day with Mr. Hebb, it was amazing to see the amount of people who would wave to him and stop him in the street to chat. He could have run for Mayor - if towns in Massachusetts had mayors! And that's a big part of why these recordings are so very special, because they have that uptempo optimism which makes you feel happy - like when you hear the re-make of Love Love Love or what this writer feels deserves to be a future Northern Soul classic, the moving and very danceable Don't Tear Me Down. It took a musical movement like Northern Soul to re-discover Love Love Love from the original 1966 Sunny album, the song charting in Europe in the early '70s some years after its original release.

In search of more Hebb music the rabid Northern Soul fans discovered the Gamble & Huff gem, You Want To Change Me but it is Sunny, of course, that is the constant and paved the way from song to song, the thread that brings us all together and which opens the door to discovering the genius of its creator, Bobby Hebb.

Track Listing

    • Different Strokes
    • Cold Cold Night
    • A Satisfied Mind
    • Proud Woman
    • Sunny
    • When Love Goes Wrong
    • We're Gonna Make It
    • Cold Cold Heart
    • Bound By Love
    • Willow Tree
    • Don't Tear Me Down
    • That's All I Wanna Know
    • Love Love Love

    Additional Details

    Label: Tuiton

    Genre: Blues

    Language: English

    Run Time: 40:33 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 01/13/17

    UPC: 750447004023

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