Boubacar Traore - Kongo Magni (CD)

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His inimitable style warmhearted as well as wistful can be heard on his latest album, 'Kongo Magni' released in 2005 by the label Marabi. Boubacar’s fame takes roots in the 1950s. He entertains the Malian post-independence days, when Bamako dances to 'Mali Twist' or 'Kabeya'. In these hits only broadcasted on the radio, Kar Kar urges his fellow citizens to rebuild the country. A whole generation is moved. With his guitar and leather jacket, he is seen as the Malian Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley by the youth of the time. But soon starts the cultural revolution of Modibo Keita’s socialist regime. Boubacar is broke and cannot afford producing records. He then heads back to Kayes, the region where he was born in 1942. Hence, 400 kilometers from Bamako, he works as a tailor, a merchant, then as farm representative. Away from the stage and his craft for twenty years, everybody believes he is dead until 1987 when National Television invites him for a live show.Slight euphoria, the artist is born again. But unfortunately at the same period (1989), he looses his wife Pierrette whose memory remains as one of his major inspiration. Kar Kar then settles as a factory worker in France though still working on his music.

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Label: Lusafrica

Genre: World

Release Date: 03/07/05

UPC: 3567255624827

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