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Bounty Killa - Warlord (DVD)


Bounty Killa - Warlord (DVD)

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Release Date: 11/12/02

The struggle continues as Chaos reigns supreme over Planet Earth in this next millenium. A God-blessed youth has been dispatched to lead the battle for the oppressed peopole suffering across the globe. Word, sound and power are his weapons and his defense. Jamaica's Most Wanted, the Professor, Miss Ivy's Last Son, Poor People's Governor, Warlord...all are aliases. One raucous, raw bash with Bounty Killa at the Mic has him shoutin' 16 tracks such as 'Kill For Fun,' 'Maniac,' 'Look Into My Eyes,' 'Living Dangerously,' 'Benz and Bimmer' and more!

Genre: Reggae
Run Time: 75 mins

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