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Branca, Glenn - The World Upside Down (CD)


Branca, Glenn - The World Upside Down (CD)

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Release Date: 03/31/09

World Upside Down album for sale by Glenn Branca was released Oct 25, 1994 on the ATAVISTIC label. A ballet for orchestra in seven movements performed by the New York Chamber Sinfonia, conducted by Glen Cortese. The first movement, entitled The Temple of Venus, Pt.1, gradually unfolds exquisitely beautiful, sustained textures of massed tones, supported by propulsive multi-rhythms. In the second movement, The Temple of Venus, Pt.2, the sound clusters wave from side to side like borealis curtains, and the rhythms are placed internally, producing a massive, universal field of sound. The third movement (unspecified as to program) continues this sensuous love of clusters -- here they are more microtonal, and the progression is like a grand Japanese gagaku orchestra, tense chromatics spilling into beauteous pentatonic clusters. World Upside Down CD music contains a single disc with 7 songs.

Genre: Classical

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