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Brideshead - Never Grow Up (CD)


Brideshead - Never Grow Up (CD)

$ 14.99

Release Date: 09/18/15

9 newly recorded songs, plus 2014's single 'The Mermaid' & the 4 gems from the 'Comeback' 10'. The album is a dream soundtrack for a serene summer day where 90s Swedish pop & 80s jangle mingle in the air. Bask in a bath of jangly guitars, timeless melodies & gentle vocals by a band once called 'the best English-vocal band currently around in Germany.' They combine the finest moments from classic pop - the summer of 1982 (Orange Juice & The Pale Fountains), the class of 1986 (Mighty Mighty, McCarthy, The Brilliant Corners, & The Bodines) & the freshness of 1990s Swedish pop (Eggstone & The Cardigans). Layers of guitars, bass, drums, & trumpet with Martin's handsome vocals to tie it all together. This is surely the record of the summerNO EXPORT TO EU

Label: Shelflife
Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 40 mins

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