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Buckethead - Acoustic Shards (CD)


Buckethead - Acoustic Shards (CD)

$ 9.95

Release Date: 12/11/07

A rare and beautiful acoustic guitar record taped over 2 days in July 1991.

An 'official' Buckethead album, Acoustic Shards features Buckethead alone on acoustic guitar. The sound is excellent! It was taped over two days in July 1991, a couple of weeks after the final Deli Creeps concert on the Young Buckethead DVDs, but is quite different musically. The 52:30-minute CD includes the first-known versions of 'Who Me' and 'For Mom,' a lot of great riffs that show up on later records, and a lot of stuff you've never heard before. Mostly improvised, the playing is spectacular -- some of it sounds like Django Reinhardt meets Ornette Coleman meets young Eddie Van Halen meets . . . well, that which is uniquely and lovably Buckethead. Some parts are just beautiful beyond words.


Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 52 mins

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