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Buckethead - From The Coop (CD)


Buckethead - From The Coop (CD)

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Release Date: 06/10/08

Buckethead fans will welcome this CD the same way Beatles fans would welcome a CD worth of Beatles tracks from 1959.

Buckethead fans will welcome the From the Coop CD the same way a Beatles fan would welcome a CD worth of decent-sounding Beatles tracks from 1959, or guitar fans would welcome never-before-heard Eddie Van Halen from 1975. The 19 tracks on From the Coop predate all other Buckethead releases by three years. They are, in fact, the first multi-track recordings Buckethead ever made. He created them in 1988 for a pal who worked as an editor for a guitar magazine, and already it's all there -- the unparalleled technique, the achingly beautiful solos, incredible shredding, wry twists and turns, and best of all, a musical imagination light years beyond his contemporaries. The guitar-intensive fare includes many surprises, from previously unknown treasures to future fan faves 'Hog Bitch Stomp' and 'Scraps.' Buckethead drew the CD's cover art (a young version of himself in a ghostly chicken coop). The CD booklet includes reproductions of Buckethead's handwriting from the original tapes, as well as the very first Buckethead bio. The CD was produced by Jas Obrecht, who made Buckethead's Acoustic Shards CD and the Young Buckethead DVDs, and the tracks have been digitally restored by Ken Hood.

Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 43 mins

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