Bud Freeman - Dolphin Has A Message (CD)


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A Tenor For the Ages

In 1980 when he made this album Bud Freeman was 74. He proves that age doesn't diminish youthful vitality. He affected not to enjoy the albums he'd made in the 1930s with Benny Goodman, Jimmy Dorsey, Adrian Rollini and Joe Venuti, although there was plenty to be proud of. He shied away from 'dated' associations, possibly because bebop disturbed the tranquillity of his jazz environment - became interested in bop and studied with pioneer pianist Lennie Tristano. Legend has it that Tristano begged him not to change his style, saying he was a true original who should stay that way. But whatever changes he has made in his style it remains his own. All his great qualities are displayed on this album made in London in May 1980. His sidemen are Brian Lemon (piano), Len Skeat (Bass) and Johnny Richardson (drums). They probably couldn't have counted the number of times they'd played together, or the frequency of their gigs with Bud. As a tribute to their excellence, Bud duo'd with each on separate tunes. Overall this is an album of considerable variety, despite there being only four musicians involved, and repeated listening will reward the listener for the surprises that continue to pop up in this integrated and sympathetic interplay. The master's joyful approach is clearly demonstrated throughout. And in this connection, it's interesting to reflect that a man of 74 with a tradition of jazz playing going back to Chicago in the early twenties, and sessions with Jack Teagarden and Louis Armstrong amongst countless others, should have been at his peak and recording some of his very best work in Britain.He wrote two books, 'You Don't Look Like A Musician' and 'If You Know Of A Better Life'. Worth seeking out

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Label: JSP Records

Genre: Jazz

Release Date: 02/27/02

UPC: 788065880224

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