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Burning Hearts - Extinctions (CD)


Burning Hearts - Extinctions (CD)

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Release Date: 02/21/12

Finnish indie pop stalwarts Jessika Rapo (vocalist for Le Futur Pompiste) & Henry Ojala (ex-drummer for Cats On Fire) teamed up to form Burning Hearts in 2006. In fall 2011, Johan Ekstroem & Niko Kivikangas joined the band as the live line-up was renewed. Their 2nd full-length album, 'Extinctions', was written as a consequence of many tragical stories that in a way or another touched the band. Quite a few of the songs are dedicated to persons or creatures that no longer exist. Even if human tragedies inpired the writing & death is present in nearly all the songs, the sound remains vivid and full of hope. NO EXPORT OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA

Label: Shelflife
Genre: Pop/Rock
Language: English
Run Time: 40 mins

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