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Burning Hearts - Night Animal (VINYL 7 INCH)


Burning Hearts - Night Animal (VINYL 7 INCH)

$ 5.99

Release Date: 01/26/10

Finish musicians Henry Ojala (Cats on Fire) & Jessika Rapo (Le Futur Pompiste) come together as Burning Hearts. It was inevitable that this pair of bands, whose music shares a poise & sophistication rarely heard anywhere, never mind within the modest environs of Finland, would find each other. Full of subtle detail & a uniformly warm sound, this is a dream of idealized pop: beautifully understated vocals, melodies as reassuring as a lover's embrace, and a tone of intimacy that could only come from collaboration that is fully simpatico

Label: Shelflife
Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 40 mins

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