Byron Metcalf - Rhythms Of Remembering With Hemi-sync® (CD)

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Release Date: 01/20/23

A contemplative sound journey to transport you beyond ordinary reality.

Slow down your natural rhythm with this powerful blend of ecstatic drumming, ambient guitar, synthesizer soundscapes, and heart-expanding flute as you relax to unite body, heart, mind, Earth and Cosmos. Drum maestro Byron Metcalf is joined by Erik Wøllo, Frore (Paul Casper), and Sherry Finzer in creating a contemplative sound journey to transport you beyond ordinary reality for an alchemical organic experience. Dynamic Hemi-Sync® frequencies help to support a visionary exploration in remembering your sacred place in the larger web of life.

Label: Hemi-Sync
Genre: Ambient/Experimental
Run Time: 58 mins

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