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Captain Beefheart - Some YoYo Stuff (DVD)


Captain Beefheart - Some YoYo Stuff (DVD)

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Release Date: 04/22/03

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART is no more - he came home in 1982, hung up his microphone and grabbed his paint brush. He then dusted off his real name, DON VAN VLIET, and has been doing very well since, thank you. Anton Corbijn's short b/w film from 1993 is a unique opportunity to see and hear the wonderful DON VAN VLIET. This man is one of the most influential, misunderstood, talked about, admired, copied, treasured, loved artists of the last 50 years and yet he is a mystery. We'll see director DAVID LYNCH asking two questions, we'll see his mother SUE VLIET walking around and finding a spot for Don and we'll see ANTON CORBIJN explaining why he made this film in the first place.

Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 13 mins

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