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Carmilla: The Lesbian Vampire (DVD)


Carmilla: The Lesbian Vampire (DVD)

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Release Date: 11/04/08

All the essential crowd-pleasing components are front & center in this fresh take on the Le Fanu classic: Vampires! Lesbians!! Catholic Schoolgirl Zombies..........yes, we said Catholic Schoolgirl Zombies!!! Even Cannibals!!!! What's not to love'! Meet Jenna, our young heroine, who has fallen victim to wild hallucinations, courtesy of a mysterious plague brought on by none other than the vampire CARMILLA! Together with her father, Travis, Jenna heads straight (.....ok - not exactly straight) for, Carmilla's lair to battle the centuries-old vampire baroness.....who, as it turns out, has other plans for our heroine!

Genre: Horror
Run Time: 85 mins

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