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Cevin Key - The Dragon Experience (CD)


Cevin Key - The Dragon Experience (CD)

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Release Date: 06/20/03

cEvin Key's third solo album for Metropolis Records is an archival release of material he started recording during the Skinny Puppy 'Bites' era and has just now completed with help of Ken Marshall (of Skinny Puppy, Download, and Sara McLachlan fame). The album, entitled 'The Dragon Experience,' was assembled and mixed by himself and Ken Marshall. Described by cEvin as being similar to 'Back and Forth vol. 3,' the album will thematically represent not only Part 8 of the 'From the Vault' series, but vol. 7 in the 'Back and Forth' series, and part 3 of the cEvin Key trilogy. Immense soundscapes, curious melodies, intriguing samples, and trance-inducing loops transport the listener on a journey into schizophrenia, rehabilitation, and hope. On Metropolis Records.

Label: Metropolis Records
Genre: Industrial

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