Charles Cullen - Grandaddy Bought Me A Copperhead (CD)

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This is the first CD ever released by Charles E. Cullen. Recorded in a basement on the Hollins University Campus,this fantastic collection includes the title track 'Grandaddy Bought Me A Copperhead.' A song in which Cullen deals with the delicate subject of snake handling in church...from the snake's point of view. Also includes the hits: Young Gay Monkey on Roller Skates,I Got a Rare Poultry Disease, I Got My Best Friend's Brother Pregnant,and many more. 13 tracks in all!

Track Listing

    • Track 1
    • Track 2
    • Track 3
    • Track 4
    • Track 5
    • Track 6
    • Track 7
    • Track 8
    • Track 9
    • Track 10
    • Track 11
    • Track 12
    • Track 13

    Additional Details

    Label: Cullen Studios

    Genre: Stand Up Comedy

    Run Time: 50 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 06/05/07

    UPC: 666449248023

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