Cheer-Accident - Dumb Ask (CD)

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Release Date: 05/11/04

Originally released in 1991, out of print for many years, and now considered a classic, Dumb-Ask by Chicago's mainstays Cheer-Accident has finally been re-availed (courtesy of Chicago's Pravda Archives imprint) to the public. Brilliantly engineered by Steve Albini in his basement studio, Dumb-Ask reveals Cheer-Accident at their most stripped down and aggressive. This bare-bones sonic attack, while remaining consistently spare and straightforward, never sacrifices Cheer-Accident's trademark inventiveness, Recorded before Nirvana's Nevermind and Slint's Spiderland, Dumb Ask serves as a vital historical document, placing Cheer-Accident in a sort of 'alternative to the alternative' parallel universe that existed concurrently to the more 'above-ground' bands nof the early nineties.

Label: Pravda Records
Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 39 mins

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