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Fresh-faced West Coast Porn Starlet Rene Bond Stars in this 2-Disc Collection!

As the exploitation industry moved from softcore to hardcore pornography on the cusp of the 1970s, a good number of the girls who frequented these cheap sexploitation wonders would retire. Some lovely lasses continued moving back and forth between soft and hard, throwing their inhibitions to the wind, including Sandy Dempsey, Sandy Carey, Jane Tsentas, Orita de Chadwick, and Marie Arnold. But one girl would emerge to become the #1 Princess of Porn of the West Coast: the late great Rene Bond. This cheerful, sunny-faced beauty dominated the low-budget hardcore film scene of California through the mid-70s before retiring and moving to Las Vegas to live out the remainder of her days.

Lenny (a.k.a. Les Chic), a gigolo played by our Mr. Lutze, receives a phone call from Sissy, a buxom bombshell complaining about her boyfriend Link cheating on her with a girl named Sherry. After boinking his brat-faced girlfriend, Lenny heads over to Sissy to comfort her with some lovin'. Next stop for Lenny, after driving by Grauman's Chinese: Sissy's place, where he finally meets the 'other woman.' And yep, it's our leading lady, Rene Bond, in one of her earliest performances, indulging in a hardcore scene with Link and demonstrating her celebrated oral technique already well-developed in her early years.

Disc 1 stars Rene Bond up close and oh-so-personal in the
60-minute orgiastic slam-fest Chic '69 and in rare XXX loops City Woman, Mirror Tricks, My Sister's Boobs and A Hot Bath.

Disc 2 showcases 13 other recently uncovered, super-raunchy 70s hardcore loops including Nutty Nymphs, Guilty Cousins, Swinging Stewardesses and Maid to Satisfy and BJ from Barbara Jean.

- BOOKLET featuring rare Rene Bond photos and Historical Liner notes
- After Hours Retro TRAILER VAULT


Cast & Crew

  •       Rene Bond
  •       Rick Lutze
  • Additional Details

    Label: After Hours Cinema

    Genre: Erotic

    Run Time: 240 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 02/21/12

    UPC: 612385422591

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