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Chicago - Small Black Bands (CD)


Chicago - Small Black Bands (CD)

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Release Date: 11/08/11

Companion to our recent 'Chicago - White Small Bands' release, this volume features recordings made in Chicago by acts from across America in the early years of Jazz development. Jazz recording developed in the city because of the number of migrants moving there from the Southern states and the huge night-club scene that had developed during prohibition. Tracks include; 'Dusty Bottom Blues' - Richard M. Jones And His JazzWizards, 'Bull Fiddle Blues' - Johnny Dodds Washboard Band, 'Parkway Stomp'- Albert Wynn And His Gutbucket Five, 'Weather Bird - Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines 'Funny Fumble'- Harry Dial's Blusicians.

Genre: Jazz

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