Chris Speed - Emit (CD)

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More sweet/astringent offbeat grooves and evocative soundscapes from Speed's genre-blending band Yeah No.

Chris Speed's third release for Songlines with his band Yeah No features sweet/astringent offbeat grooves and evocative soundscapes from one of New York's most finely attuned units. On Emit, the density and harmonic complexity of the improvising contrasts with the simplicity of the compositional material. Jim Black's drumming, hopping from power beats to arachnid antics, combined with Skuli Sverrisson's elegantly harsh bass landscapes and sinuous sub-lows, energize Speed and trumpeter Cuong Vu's bold and enthusiastic explorations.

The quest for beautiful dissonance (think Bulgarian Women's Choir) inspired 'Tralala', with Black filling in abrasive harmonies on melodica. 'Kompa' explores the merge of Balkan folk dance, Haitian groove and jazz improvisation. 'Beranche', a nod to Julius Hemphill's wild blues-based grooves, descends into a grungy-dirge jam in alternating 7/8 and 5/8. (A berançe is an eastern European dance that can take various metric forms.) 'Tangents' is car crash of cut and paste jazz phrases, improvised ambient bass and swinging drums. Emit merges hyper beats, eclectic dance forms, impassioned solos, wacky grooves, and lyrical melodies, each song retaining its own sonic uniqueness.

Recorded live to two-track (24 bits) by Jim Anderson at Avatar, NYC.

Track Listing

    • Constance and Georgia
    • Suggestible
    • Berançe
    • Waltzing
    • Kosmia
    • Tangents
    • Tralala
    • Kompa
    • Transporter

    Additional Details

    Label: Songlines

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 52 mins

    Release Date: 10/17/00

    UPC: 774355153222

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