Cia Via Ufo To Mercury (CD)

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So, You Want The Scoop On What Really Goes On Here In

Mid-America'' Of Course You Do, Now That The Rust Belt

Is So Damn Hip. There Are A Zillion Boring Things One Can

See & Do In The Heartland, Yet The Exploration Of Sweet Home Chicago's Vast Musical Landscape Is Not Among Them. But As Is The Case So Often, One Must Relentlessly Turn Over Every Stone... To Finally Discover The Sonic Diamonds

In The Rough.

Uh, I Forgot What I Was Talking About... Oh, Right- The Cia

Via Ufo Compilation On Atavistic! Buy It Only If You Believe Life Exists Way Beyond The Margins (And After 3 A.M.), Or If You Are A Cyborg Exhausted By Obtuse Human Machinations!

Additional Details

Label: Atavistic

Genre: Alternative/Punk

Release Date: 03/31/09

UPC: 735286198423

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