Cirrha Niva - For Moments Never Done (LP)

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Cirrha Niva is an experienced progressive-metal band with talented musicians and a lead singer with a voice from another world. Their music reflects their professionalism, their arrangements are well-balanced, their recording near flawless, and their understanding of their ability to present each song with heart and spirit is inspiring. Dream Theater, Opeth, Psychotic Waltz & Nevermore, Cirrha Niva demonstrate extreme ease in mixing these groups. Now, ten years after it's original CD-release their album 'For Moments Never Done' will become available on vinyl for the first time! The exceptionally well reviewed album 'For Moments Never Done', being rewarded with "Eremetaal" in Aardschok (NL), "Vette Krent" in IO-Pages (NL), "Album Of The Month" in Relevationz (DK) and "Masterpiece" in Progressor (UZ) will see it's 10th anniversary this September. According to Festivalinfo this release was "One of the best metal releases over the past few years." The album was produced by Split Second Sound and features Joost van den Broek (Ayreon, After Forever) on keyboards.

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