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Citizen Fish - Underwater Overground: Gaffer Tape (DVD)


Citizen Fish - Underwater Overground: Gaffer Tape (DVD)

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Release Date: 03/10/09

Punk-ska band Citizen Fish take their camera in the van, on the stage and in your face on tour around the world 1994-2008.

Two documentaries about punk-ska band Citizen Fish who live in South West England and spend large chunks of life playing their one-off brand of music to people who don't. Bassist Jasper takes his video camera in and out of tour vans and people's faces along the way - and this is what it looks and sounds like: clips of interviews, scenery, gigs, people, music and 'things that happen', meshed together to give a wide-angle picture of a band on (and off) tour. Underwater Overground is the new film (2008) about the further adventures of the band as they tour in the UK, the USA and Europe. Jasper has been busy again with his video camera as the band toured England and Wales, the USA (four different tours), the Czech Republic and Poland, with other bands including Leftover Crack, Sainte Catherines, Witch Hunt, Intro5pect, Prague Ska Conspiracy, MDC and Subhumans. Gaffer Tape was the original film (2000). Using footage from throughout the band's history, it includes Poland in 1994, Australia and New Zealand in 1997, America, from New York to San Francisco, in September 1999 and Winchester to France in 1999 - 2000.

Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 159 mins

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