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Client - Heartland (CD)


Client - Heartland (CD)

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Release Date: 04/10/07

Rarely does a band's music mirror their image. Client's Heartland is an exception to that statement. It completely shatters the mirror and the music becomes synonymous with the portrayal of the band's image. A sultry, sexy electro pop trio needs a sultry, sexy electro pop album, and Heartland is just that. Teasing beats, grooving melodies, fishnet hooks, and sweet seducing vocals thoroughly describe Client and Heartland to a 'T.' Rock and electronic DJs are going to be hard pressed to find just one dance floor track, for the whole album is laden with them. From the happy 'Drive' to bouncy 'Lights Go Out' to the rocking 'Zerox Machine' and the 60's go-go-esque '6 In The Morning,' Client have covered all of the bases to make sure they aren't thought of as just another pretty face. Client is a diverse electro pop band who knows how to rock it!

Label: Metropolis Records
Genre: Alternative/Punk

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