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Combichrist - Noise Collection Vol. 1 (CD)


Combichrist - Noise Collection Vol. 1 (CD)

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Release Date: 10/26/10

Raw, brutal and forceful! Combichrist burst into the Electronic Music scene in 2003 with a massive blend of Techno, Noise, EBM and harsh Industrial sounds that were as fresh as they were brutal. 'Noise Collection Vol. 1', a comprehensive 2 CD anthology, explores the wild early years of one of the most important acts in modern electronic music. Disc one contains the now-deleted debut album 'The Joy Of Gunz' while disc two unites the ultra-rare Halloween release 'Kiss The Blade', the long-deleted 'Sex, Drogen & Industrial' EP, two tracks from the collectible 'Blut Royale' 12 inch-single and an exclusive song from the 'Industrial For The Masses Vol. 2' compilation. 'Noise Collection Vol. 1' is the ideal opportunity for new fans to complement their Combichrist library and serves as a nearly complete insight into the first phase of one of the most influential electronic music projects of our time.

Label: Metropolis Records
Genre: Industrial

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