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Comedy Juice All-stars (CD)


Comedy Juice All-stars (CD)

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Release Date: 09/03/13

You want it' We've got it: the distilled essence of the revered Los Angeles and New York Comedy Juice showcase, squeezed into one pulpy concoction from Stand Up! Records. Over the course of an hour of listening pleasure, Comedy Juice All-Stars will broaden horizons and blow minds by revealing how the phrase 'polar bear arms' worked out for Sadiki Fuller, why a yen to get in the pants of everyone from Tim Allen to the Detroit Red Wings says nothing about Michael Kosta's sexuality, and why it is that Eddie Pepitone knows he's stooping when he performs for this audience' or any audience, really. Hannibal Burress manages to be simultaneously (and typically) laid back while also packing five minutes full of advice on adult peer pressure and his recent realization that without all the gunplay, gangsta life looks pretty fun'all barbeques and bandana shopping. Kevin Shea admits, if you don't get his set, you probably have a job, a life, or a vagina, but you're still missing out; John Roy parses the implications of facial hair for racist intent; Ben Gleib laments the lost masculinity of the Appletini; Pete Holmes uncovers the insidious Patriot Act origins of Facebook; and Butch Bradley'that's right, a man named Butch'admits he's not putting on a scary movie after 10:30, because you know you've gotta unplug the TV, turn it to face the wall, and the little girl still might be after you. That's just too much work. Rounding out the set, rapid-fire Jersey native Dov Davidoff proves 'non-linear' isn't the same as 'not having a point' by creating a through-line from testicular implants to making assumptions based on mouse costumes to the commodification and homogenization of beauty all the way to making reparations for that one time we traded muskets for Kentucky. All you've gotta do is sit back and keep up.

Label: STAND UP!
Genre: Stand Up Comedy

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