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Crazy Hong Kong (DVD)


Crazy Hong Kong (DVD)

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Release Date: 03/20/07

When Shirley and her camera crew are shooting a commercial for an American international hamburger company she is suddenly attacked by a lion and the unexpected happens... Suddenly N!xau an inquisitive 'Bush Man' appears from out of the hinterland and saves the day. As a token of her thanks, Shirley gives N!xau a yellow Bamboo bird which she stuffs into the Coca-Cola bottle that hangs around his neck. But that night N!xau feels sorry seeing the bird trapped in the coke bottle, so he decides to set off to find Shirley to see if she will help set the bird free. So begins another hysterical misadventure that takes our 'Bush Man' to a totally different country that's out of his world!

Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 91 mins

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