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Crazy Jungle Adventure (DVD)


Crazy Jungle Adventure (DVD)

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Release Date: 08/15/06

Their flight has been delayed and the handful of passengers waiting to depart are plenty annoyed. Little do they know that the delay is caused by the 'negotiations' between the slimy airline owner and a reluctant drunken, retired pilot named Butch. Butch is being forced to take over the flight, rigged to crash, so the insurance policy on the aircraft can be cashed in. The pilot would prefer, however, to stay grounded with the little boy who has become his companion, Tony. With Tony's life threatened if he doesn't fly, Butch gives in and accepts the flight. When both engines fail mid-flight over the ocean, it is Butch's expertise that lands the craft safely on a remote island.

Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 84 mins

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