Crisk. - Das Erste Mal EP (CD)


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Born in 2003 in K'ln Germany, CRISK. holds an impressive wide range of influences ranging from GOLDFRAPP to FISCHERSPOONER through MISS KITTEN or even ATARI TEENAGE RIOT. On this first EP the CRISK. quartet offer us a fresh and detonating melting pot of underground music genres mixing powerful EBM, head-banging punk, groovy house and big beat industrial. Frontwoman DJane Chris Koch's harsh provocative German vocals perfectly match the hi-energy vibes of their floor-breaking music. 100% electronic beats guaranteed, CRISK. is a distilled cocktail mix of T. RAUMSCHMIERE, PZYCHOBITCH, CLIENT, FRONT 242, PRODIGY and DAFT PUNK.

Additional Details

Label: Alfa Matrix

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

Run Time: 32:15 mins

Release Date: 06/01/07

UPC: 882951009239

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