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Crystal Heart (DVD)


Crystal Heart (DVD)

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Release Date: 09/11/07

Starring Lee Curreri and Tawny Kitaen. Isolated because of a rare illness, Christopher Newley (Lee Curreri) has never ventured outside of his crystal room. But out of this lonely and self-contained world comes music in search of a voice. Alley Daniels (Tawny Kitean), a beautiful up-and-coming singer has dreamed her entire life of climbing to the top of the rock world. Out of her ambition and desire comes music in search of a heart. Drawn together, they find a love that spans the crystal barrier. A love that overcomes the anger of a jealous manager. And a love that endures the vicious publicity that threatens to tear them apart! A girl with a dream. A boy in need of a miracle. And the music that brought them together. A rock and roll love story for everybody who has ever believed that soulmates truly do exist!

Genre: Drama
Run Time: 103 mins

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