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D.A.P. - Theme Music (CD)


D.A.P. - Theme Music (CD)

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Release Date: 02/09/10

West coast hip hop at its best.

Michael 'Dap' Daniels, accomplished artist, songwriter,producer, and engineer grew up surrounded by saxophones,drums, keyboards, and the perilous streets of Richmond, California. His musical passion and precision are at the cornerstone of his success, making him a stand-out BayArea artist. In 2005, Dap lent his unique musical style to the movie RIZE, for which he wrote and recorded tracks for the Original Motion Picture and Soundtrack, and his energetic sound can also be heard on the adrenaline packed documentary, Drift: The Sideways Craze. Dap's versatility to produce both commercial and underground music allows him to take experience and creativity and harmonize them into a sound that reaches global audiences.

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Run Time: 55 mins

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