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Damage Manual - S/T (DVD)


Damage Manual - S/T (DVD)

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Release Date: 10/28/08

Documents the first recordings of The Damage Manual with the original members: Martin Atkins, Chris Connelly, Geordie Walker and Jah Wobble.

The Damage Manual documentary is a record of the London sessions of the original line-up of the band. The camera is in the studio as Wobble lays down a bass track, Geordie tunes up and overdubs, Chris Connelly sits as the camera looks over his shoulder as he writes lyrics to Leave the Ground. Lee Fraser of Sheep On Drugs hypnotizes himself with some keyboard overdubs. The bands publicist flies over from the USA and sits chatting with the band as Geordie Walker (of Killing Joke) is shot for a magazine. The viewer is there in the studio, punctuated by the beep of the door bell - attached to a security camera, you can hear Martin Atkins directing everyone to go outside and press the buzzer, creating a great sequence of blurred cheap camera shots that are eventually edited together as the 'Laugh Track' video. The VU meters pulse to the music, the 2' tape machine rolls, the speakers pump. The band, all together in one place, jam out a few songs as the camera looks over shoulders, sits behind the drum kit and witnesses a very special, all too brief time in this stellar bands short history.

Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 60 mins

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