Deitra Farr - Let It Go! (CD)

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Worth a Wait of Ten Years

Her first solo CD, 'The Search is Over', came out in 1997 and was well-received. So why wait 10 years to issue a second' Seems the lady was fixed on delivering something significant and not just a facsimile of the first All the songs here were written by Deitra. Some from a close observation of life, some from personal experience. Which' The lady's not telling much. But...Call Your Wife was conceived in a Paris basement during a rehearsal. She wasn't fooling around at the time. Signs, Signals and Warnings was written in the shower, during a 14 month vacation in Rome. Another secret. Deitra sings the blues, but doesn't listen to them too often. Her influences are vast. Consider: if she only heard the blues, her music would sound like everybody else's. And that ain't going to happen! Some of the finest young Chicago blues musicians were recruited for this project. We also have here Deitra's mother's childhood friend and singing partner, Ardella Williams. She's the daughter of blues great Jazz Gillum. Wisconsin resident Billy Flynn is the only 'foreigner'. He and Deitra were members of Mississippi Heat during the 1990's. Why seek him out' You'll hear why. Roosevelt Purifoy, Rodney Brown and Peter Bartels played on the 'Search is Over' CD, so they were natural choices. Harmonica player Matthew Skoller is a close friend of Deitra's - they go back 30 years in various bands. She says 'He's the only musician I ever hired first and heard later. I took a chance and did the right thing.' She also hired Matthew's bass player Vamp Samuels after working together in Athens, Greece. James Knowles is a drummers' drummer. The other drummers in Chicago say they are 'scared of him'. The album was recorded at Soto Sound - JSP's Chicago studio of choice. Worth the long wait' We think so.

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Label: JSP Records

Genre: Blues

Release Date: 11/11/08

UPC: 788065881528

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