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Diary Of A Telephone Operator (DVD)


Diary Of A Telephone Operator (DVD)

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Release Date: 12/19/06

Lovely Marta comes to the city and finds a job as a telephone operator. She moves in with her girlfriend, Nanda, whose goal in life is to find a husband. Marta has been dating Crispino, who is determined to marry her. But liberty-loving Marta prefers a quick relationship. Nando then makes eyes at Crispino, but to no avail...and the romances continue. Over the telephone, Marta meets Pietro, who helps her forget her loneliness and they marry. Everything goes well until Harry, Pietro's friend arrives from America. Harry installs himself in their house and soon becomes obvious what kind of relationship Harry has with her husband.

Genre: Erotic
Run Time: 98 mins

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