Django Reinhardt - Musette To Maestro 1928-1937: the Early Work of A Guitar Genius (CD)

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Django with Other Players

This is the first of two boxes which complete the JSP Django series. Here's his progress from playing banjo in Musette bands to anchoring sessions with the leading American jazz musicians of the day. The rhythmic drive and inventiveness are evident from the outset, and, as soon as he resumes after the fire that damaged his hand, he is recognisably the classic Django. Indeed, some solos on the more obscure tracks are every bit as good as on the more well known sides. Also evident is his empathy in accompanying singers. Several sessions with Jean Sablon were important in bringing him to a wider audience. By the time of the Coleman Hawkins session, he is mighty, trading solos with giants as man to man. The recently rediscovered short film 'Le Jazz Hot' features the Hot Club in session. Fascinatingly, we can see Django's technique as the combination of dexterity and pure genius it was.

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Label: JSP Records

Genre: Jazz

Release Date: 11/09/10

UPC: 788065906627

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