Dope Stars Inc. - Terapunk (CD)


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Release Date: 03/10/15

TeraPunk is the fifth album from cyberpunk band Dope Stars Inc..

The band blends a variety of musical and image influences, ranging from Finnish glam rock à la HIM to industrial metal outfit Front Line Assembly, to produce their brand of catchy, EBM-laced electro rock. They've also enjoyed an abundance of mainstream success: DSI has played alongside acts such as Apoptygma Berserk and Faderhead; has been on the bill for festivals such as M'era Luna and Infest; has been featured on three Saw movie soundtracks; has remixed or been remixed by the likes of Angelspit, The Birthday Massacre, and Emilie Autumn; and has won numerous awards, including Sonic Seducer Magazine's Newcomer of the Month award in 2005.

Label: Distortion Productio
Genre: Industrial
Language: English
Run Time: 40 mins

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