Dorothy Squires - The Voice of the Broken-Hearted Coming Home 1936-1949 (CD)

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She Sang With Genuine Feeling

There were other successful British female singers, such as Vera Lynn and Gracie Fields. But none of them had been as inextricably linked to the torch song as Dorothy Squires. With a unique vocal 'attack', and with the ability to show emotion, Dorothy was a true original. This set collects all her commercial recordings from her debut in 1936 until the end of the 1940s. Born 25th March 1918, in a caravan in South Wales, Edna May Squires decided upon her career path as a young girl. Seeking fame and fortune, and aged just sixteen, Edna made her way to London, where a theatre manager rechristened her Dorothy. The American pianist Charlie Kunz heard and liked her, leading to Dorothy's first radio broadcast on 27th February 1936. The same year, she did a show with Billy Reid and his band and was swiftly signed as the band's vocalist, broadcasting regularly. In December 1936, she made her recording debut with When the Poppies Bloom Again. Future sessions were for EMI's Regal Zonophone imprint, and took place at the legendary Abbey Road. She would not record anywhere else until seventeen years later. In WW2 she became one of those female stars who forged a link with home. If her war work is now slightly eclipsed by other stars like Vera Lynn, it's probably because of her huge postwar success - and some notoriety.

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Label: JSP Records

Genre: Adult Contemporary/MOR

Release Date: 02/22/11

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