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Dougie In Disguise, Volume 1 (DVD)


Dougie In Disguise, Volume 1 (DVD)

$ 20.53 $ 20.99

Release Date: 07/24/12

Dougie is a curious kid who loves to play with sticker albums and is never without his friend, Tim the dog. Curiosity and imagination combine when Dougie dresses-up in a disguise and has an adventure. He will need your help to choose stickers from his book that will help him in his travels. Dougie uses stickers to dress up and explore a new character in each episode. This volume sees Dougie as a Cloud, a Glassmaker, Merlin, a Shoemaker, a Masai Warrior, Peter Pan, a Gym Instructor, Robinson Crusoe, a Flower, a Pirate, a Jockey, a Teacher and a Jeweler.

Genre: Animation (not Anime/Manga)
Run Time: 100 mins

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