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Drinking With Ian Season One (DVD)


Drinking With Ian Season One (DVD)

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Release Date: 11/03/09

Your liaison with Ian will begin in a dark, smoky rock club, and it will be fueled by booze, so very much booze. He'll sweet talk you, regaling you with tales of absurd nightlife in this city of his; impress you with his vast knowledge of as-yet unknown bands just on the brink of brilliant stardom; and ply you with exotic shots supplied gratis by a bartender who seems to know Ian like his own brother. You'll love his wit, his cartoonish coif, his comfortable manner, even his friends, and soon you'll find, you'd follow him anywhere. Along with his improvisational chanteur, rotund bartender, sage-like haiku master, and an array of local yokels, beauties, weirdos, and geniuses, Ian Rans invites you to join him.

Genre: Television

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