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Earthen Grave - Earthen Grave (VINYL ALBUM)


Earthen Grave - Earthen Grave (VINYL ALBUM)

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Release Date: 07/09/13

Epic, neo-classical Doom metal from former members of Trouble and the Chicago heavy underground

Led by former Trouble bassist Ron Holzner and featuring the classically trained and critically-acclaimed violin work of Rachel Barton Pine, Earthen Grave combine elements of doom and classic heavy metal, adding a new wrinkle to the heavy rock genre by working in intricate melodies and musical virtuosity within their songcraft; slices of elegance in an otherwise imposing and oppressive heavy sound.'The debut self-titled album of Earthen Grave, and what a debut it is â€' self-assured, nuanced, perfectly produced and put together without so much as a beard hair out of place.' -- The Sleeping Shaman

Label: Ripple Music
Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 82 mins

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