Electric Six - Absolute Pleasure (CD)

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When the rock and roll band releases a live album, it is a rite of passage. It is as if the band is in the throes of the ascension where it is seated on a silver throne or 'silver chair' and it is then adorned with a crown of jewels and/or a scepter of jewels. The rock band is paid tribute by streams of devout Catholics from Latin America and many of these visitors are seen weeping uncontrollably as they kiss the jewels that adorn the band. The band is then driven down le Boulevard du Maurice Chagall, past the Great Obelisk of Deceased Patriots where the band is visible through the slight tint of the bulletproof canopy of the SUV in which it is riding. The band is greeted at the entrance of the royal palace by a collection of mealy-eyed royals and royalists who drape the band in velvet sashes. The band is then placed on the mezzanine at the top of The Ptolemic Stairs, where the band waves at onlookers for the next hour to hour and a half. This is the ascension. And it is celebrated by literally everyone who buys into it. With the release of its first live album entitled Absolute Pleasure, Electric Six is being both lionized and canonized. Electric Six is being immortalized and this live record is the hallmark of a band that is now within shouting distance of a few of the people who have worked with the all-time greats. Leibowitz. Horsestein. Schurgin. Romanovsky. Edelweiss. Names that will forever be preserved in amber, and we are witnessing the next chapter folding beneath our very eyes. Recorded on two nights in May 2012 at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota and The Double Door in Chicago, Illinois, Absolute Pleasure, is the quintessential Electric Six live set. It features selections from each of its 8 studio albums, with a slant toward material off its first album, Fire. Throw in a cover song to show you that we respect those who ascended before us, and there's an Electric Six set. It is a painstakingly accurate representation of an Electric Six show and it is now for the first time ever duplicated, mass-produced, packaged and very much for sale. When you buy this album you will be buying live versions of all the Electric Six songs you know from the radio and the YouTubes, but you will also hear your own screams compressed, digitized and sold back to you. Your screams....fuel Electric Six. And now you're on a live record!!!! Our live versions of 'Dirty Ball' and 'She's White' are awesome on this record! Your screams fuel us and we very much enjoy 'pulling up to your pump.' LOL!!! When you buy into the idea of a band canonizing itself by selling you live versions of songs it has already released, you just bought yourself a winner. Electric Six is Tait Nucleus, The Colonel, Percussion World, Smorgasbord, Johnny Nashinal and Dick Valentine and Absolute Pleasure is their rite of passage into hardcore lionization. It is their first and only live record and it's damn close to being a greatest hits as well! It is available this October only on Metropolis Records. You can come see the band as it goes on tour this fall in the United States and Europe on the Absolute Pleasure: Livin' The Dream tour.

Additional Details

Label: Metropolis Records

Genre: Alternative/Punk

Release Date: 10/09/12

UPC: 782388081726

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