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Enuff Z'nuff - Tonight Sold Out (CD)


Enuff Z'nuff - Tonight Sold Out (CD)

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Release Date: 08/10/10

Remastered edition of the stunning live performance by the legendary US power pop/melodic hard rockers.

When you talk about the 80's hair metal phenomenon, you simply cannot omit Enuff Z'Nuff, the power-pop quartet from Chicago, Illinois. During their long and adventurous career the band managed to record over eleven full-length albums, four live albums and two compilations. 'Tonight - Sold Out' is their most recent live offering, capturing the stunning performance the group gave in 2007. The album brings all of the band's classic compositions and proves that Enuff Z'Nuff still haven't lost their touch when it comes to delivering pure rock energy! Enuff Z'Nuff's history shows a band which had to struggle with many difficulties in their career, but eventually managed to remain a strong and inspiring figure on the hard rock scene. 'Tonight - Sold Out' brings this legend to life, with a unique set of eleven classic songs that will rock you to the bone!

Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 48:44 mins

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